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Add Photos to an Appraisal
Add Photos to an Appraisal

Provide photos of your vehicle's exterior, interior, dashboard, and/or odometer.

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The 11 Best Vehicle Photos

When possible, always include several photos of the appraisal vehicle. We recommend at least 11 photos in order to get the best visual representation.

Use these tips to attach the best photos of your vehicle.

Note that if needed, you should add more photos. For example, if there is damage, or anything unique such as modifications, you should also include those photos.

Add Photos to an Appraisal

Here is how to attach photos to an Accu-Trade appraisal:

  • Inside an appraisal, click the Add Photos button.

  • On the Gallery page, you can add photos by dragging image files into the Drag photos here box, or click on the Browse Photos button to use your file explorer to select the images.

(Note that either method allows you to select multiple images. If the files are in a row, use the keyboard's Shift button to select the first and last file. You can also hold the Ctrl button (Command button for Apple keyboards) to select files that are not beside each other.)

  • The selected photos now appear on the Gallery page.

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