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Import Vehicles into Accu-Trade
Import Vehicles into Accu-Trade

Add vehicle entries using CSV files from other systems

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Accu-Trade's "Import" capability means that you can import vehicles into your account from other systems, using a CSV file. We currently support the following formats. Click on each to download a sample file with the required structure.

(If you have another format, please send us a sample file.)

You can assign overall attribution and notes to the import process, which will apply to every entry.

Import vehicles into Accu-Trade:

  • In the lower left, click on your user name and then click Import.

  • The Import page appears:

  • As shown, the CSV file can be not exceed 2.4 MB, with a maximum row count of 1000.

  • Source File: Click Choose File to browse to the file you want to import.

  • Destination: Use the dropdown box to select where the imported vehicles will be imported in Accu-Trade. For example, you can send them all to the Appraisals list.

  • Add Attribution: Select one of the options to describe the imported entries. The choice you select will show as the Source in Accu-Trade's Appraisals list. For example, in the image below, "Custom Attribution" was assigned.

  • Add Notes to All Appraisals: Enter any text that you want associated with all of the imported entries. The notes will appear in the Appraisal Notes for each entry.

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