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Used Car Invoice
Used Car Invoice

Generate a vehicle condition report that you can share with the customer.

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You can generate the Used Car Invoice after you have completed your appraisal, and then share the document with customers to help with your vehicle acquisition process. The Used Car Invoice will show:

  • condition and options, with adjusted values (up or down)

  • VINTEL information

  • dealership and sales person contact information

  • trade-in price (customizable)

  • photos

  • sharing options

Here is how to access and use the Used Car Invoice:

  1. With a completed appraisal open, click on the 9 dot icon in the upper right.

  2. Select Used Car Invoice

  3. The Used Car Invoice appears:

  4. Click on Report Settings to customize the page.

  5. Click Set a Dealer Value to override the default trade-in price. For example, you might want to offer the customer an extra $1000 for the vehicle shown in the image above, so you would set $31,700.

  6. Here are other options you can set on the Used Car Invoice:

    • Click Add Disclaimer to set any disclaimer -- offer end date, for example.

    • Select Itemized Adjustment Values to show all condition and option values. Deselect the option if you only want the adjustment value shown for the overall category (such as "Body Damage").

    • Select Add Dealer Note to add any other text you want to show on the report.

Share the Used Car Invoice

Click the Share button at the top of the Used Car Invoice to send the report to the customer, in one of three ways:

  • Email - Supply the email and message, and then click Send Email.

  • SMS - Supply the cell phone number and message, and then click Send Text.

  • Web link - Click Copy Link and then you can paste the link in an email, or anywhere else. The link will open the report.

Print the Used Car Invoice

Click Generate PDF, and then Download PDF. The report will open as a PDF, which you can then print from your browser or PDF viewer.

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