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Connect a VINTEL OBD-II Scanner
Connect a VINTEL OBD-II Scanner

How to connect your scanner to your Accu-Trade account

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After you have received your VINTEL OBD-II scanner, you will need to perform these steps in order to connect the scanner to your Accu-Trade account. (These steps assume that an Accu-Trade representative has enabled VINTEL scanning for your account.)

  1. In your Accu-Trade account, click on My Account in the lower left.

  2. Click My Account again.

  3. Click Add-ons.

  4. In the VINTEL section, click Manage Devices.

  5. Click Add Device. (If you have other devices already added, they will be shown here. You can view or edit existing device properties by clicking > to the right of any device entries.)

  6. To add the device, locate the device number on the scanner, which will have this format: A-12345. Add the number to the Device ID field.

  7. In the Attribution drop-down list, select from None, Acquisition, Service, or Showroom.

  8. The User Owner drop-down list will show you all users in the Accu-Trade account. Select the user who will be the owner of the device.

  9. Click Add Device and the scanner will be added to your Accu-Trade account.

  10. Click Continue when informed of the monthly charge.

  11. The device will now show in the device list. Click X to exit. You can now use the scanner to send vehicle data to your Accu-Trade appraisals.

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